Issue 1
Engine Dog saves a kid from a falling airplane engine.
Issue 2
Engine Dog helps punish a bad kid.
Issue 3
Engine Dog sees an attractive girl dog.
Issue 4
Engine Dog sees a police pony poo.
Issue 5
Engine Dog takes on terrorists that target babies.
Issue 6
Engine Dog meets Engine Frog
Issue 7
Engine Dog tries to save a group of kids.
Issue 8
Engine Dog gets a computer.
Issue 9
Engine Dog teaches children about death.
Issue 10
Engine Dog tries to motivate some birds into flying.
Issue 11
Engine Dog gets hot on an airplane.
Issue 12
Engine Frog saves the day.
Issue 12
Engine Dog attends a vegetarian cookout.
Issue 13
Engine Dog learns that the moon is made out of cheese.
Issue 14
Engine Dog teaches a kid about not stealing other\
Issue 14
Engine Dog learns that eating animals is bad.
Issue 15
Engine Dog learns about people in need of aid.
Issue 16
Engine Dog gets hungry so he devises a way to get a meal.
Issue 17
Engine Dog stubs a wheel while driving on the beach.
Issue 17
Engine Dog helps a drug rehab center with budget problems.
Issue 17
Engine Dog reunites long lost relatives.
Issue 18
Engine Dog confronts a group of animal performer protesters.
Issue 19
Engine Dog teaches children about the dangers of candy for your health.
Issue 20
Engine Dog devises a way to put water on the moon.
Issue 21
Engine Dog eats a tiger.
Issue 22
Engine Dog plays basketball with some magical unicorns.
Issue 23
Engine Dog sees some men about to blow up a building.

Engine Dog is my Hero!