Issue 1
The beginning of Engine Dog.
Issue 2
Engine Dog is forced to break dance fight.
Issue 3
Engine Dog sees a nuclear bomb.
Issue 4
Engine Dog sees an obese cow.
Issue 5
Engine Dog volunteers at a daycare center.
Issue 6
Engine Dog battles a Sheet Eating Walrus.
Issue 7
Engine Dog hears that TVs are bad for you.
Issue 8
Engine Dog sees a cat stuck in a tree.
Issue 9
Engine Dog sees a little kid bullying two other kids.
Issue 10
A bomb blows up and almost knocks a building over.
Issue 11
Engine Dog sees a kid with a hit list.
Issue 12
The Caring Children\
Issue 13
Engine Dog must fight snow for the kids\
Issue 14
Engine Dog sees a sign that threatens to shoot people.
Issue 15
Engine Dog sees a kid talking into a fan to sound cool.
Issue 16
Engine Dog reads in a book that blood erodes the human body.
Issue 17
Engine Dog sees an armless woman in distress.
Issue 18
Engine Dog sees a group of ants crossing a ditch.
Issue 19
Engine Dog sees a hungry baby.
Issue 20
While visiting a nuclear power plant.
Issue 21
A probe enters Engine Dog\
Issue 22
Engine Dog sees some friends having fun together, but one kid is by himself.
Issue 23
Engine Dog sees an old man struggling to get to the bathroom.
Issue 23
Engine Dog tours a hospital.
Issue 24
The escalator breaks down in a mall and Engine Dog must save the day.
Issue 25
Engine Dog finds some metal eating termites locked up in a lab.

Engine Dog is my Hero!