Text of this comic: Engine Dog has no legs for he lost them in the war; the War of the Dogs.  So he glued sticks and wheels to his legholes and stoled an engine and strapped it to his back, connecting it to the rear wheels.  Engine Dog now helps people in need under the code name \"Engine Dog\".  Stay tuned for the NEXT ADVENTURE of Engine Dog.

Engine Dog News

New Website

To welcome the arrival of the first issue of Epic Engine Dog, enginedog.net has been redesigned and optimized for a better viewing experience.
January 31, 2014

Engine Dog Book

Support Engine Dog by purchasing a copy of his very first book. This book contains all 53 issues of the original (Classic) Engine Dog, plus 3 beautiful poems.
January 16, 2014

Epic Engine Dog

Later this month, I will begin releasing the reboot of The Adventures of Engine Dog. All Engine Dog comics done before now will be considered Classic Engine Dog while the new style (exampled above) will be considered Epic Engine Dog.

The layout will be essentially the same. Some of the differences between the two are listed below.

- Cleaner, higher definition lines (great for children to color)
- Less spelling and grammatical errors (great for children learning to read)
- Improved drawings (great for deflating children's egos)
- Better stories (great for teaching children morals)
January 1, 2014

Engine Dog is my Hero!